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Updated May 23, 2022

Japan Novel Corporation has established the following policies for the handling of Information that identifies a particular individual (hereinafter the "Personal Information") and will continuously endeavor to handle it adequately.

Japan Novel Corporation
President & CEO
Itaru Shimoyama

Basic Policy

  1. Japan Novel will keenly recognize the importance of Personal Information and adequately collect and use it.
  2. Japan Novel will try to prevent any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc. regarding Personal Information and will immediately take corrective action if by any chance it should be occurred.
  3. Japan Novel will comply with laws and regulations related to Personal Information (hereinafter the "Related Laws and Regulations") as well as other regulations.
  4. Japan Novel will continuously improve the mechanism of Personal Information management.

Purpose of Use

Japan Novel will collect from our customers and use Personal Information only for the following purposes.

  1. Inquiries, application and guidance of seminars
  2. Inquiries, application and guidance of exhibitions
  3. Inquiries, application, introduction and provision of products
  4. Inquiries, application, introduction and provision of services
  5. Conduct of questionnaire or interviews such as customer satisfaction survey
  6. For the other purposes that have been agreed by individual in advance

When there is a case where it needs to use the Personal Information other than the above-mentioned Purpose of Use, Japan Novel will get a consent from the individual for its use except for the cases that has been agreed from the individual in advance or recognized as an exception by Related Laws and Regulations.
In addition, Japan Novel may commission a part of services to contractors and deposit Personal Information to the extent necessary to the contractors. In this case, Japan Novel will conduct an appropriate management for it in accordance with Related Laws and Regulations and the standards set by Japan Novel.

Provision to Third Party

Japan Novel will not provide Personal Information to any third party, except for cases listed below.

  1. When there is a consent with the individual
  2. When it is necessary for the protection of life, body or property of the individual and difficult to get a consent with the individual
  3. When it is requested based on Related Laws and Regulations
  4. When it is necessary to cooperate with government or local public organizations to perform the public affairs and getting individual's consent may hinder the execution of the office act

Safety control measures

Japan Novel will take safety management measures, including physical and technical measures, to prevent the risk of unauthorized access, loss, falsification, and leakage of acquired personal information.

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About the handling of Personal Information, it is subject to change without notice based on the amendment of Related Laws and Regulations or Japan Novel's policy change.

Inquiries about handling of Personal Information

If you have any requests about personal information collected by us for content confirmation, correction, deletion, consultation, etc., please contact the following.
Tel: +81-3-3927-8801
Fax: +81-3-3927-8802