Compiler development support
Consulting, development and verification of C/C++ compiler tools

We support C/C ++ compiler development and customization

Utilizing the knowledge of compiler element technology cultivated over many years, we support customer product development by consulting, development, verification and end user verification of C/C++ compiler tools.

If you have any problems with new development or version upgrade, customization according to the end user, etc. for your own compiler product, please contact Japan Novel.

Compiler development support menu

Compiler development support menu

Compiler development support: Consulting (Reserch/Analysis)

Even if the front end of the C/C++ compiler (EDG, base part of gcc or clang, etc.) supports the same language standard, the design and implementation of the part that performs lexical analysis and parsing of each varies completely. In addition, when incorporating these into the compiler development of your own products, design materials are often not provided, and it is necessary to analyze the behavior of the compiler from the product code.

For example, if you have an original compiler with EDG front end and want to replace with gcc back end, you need to perform a difficult and cumbersome task of porting C++ source to C for EDG portion since EDG is provided in C++ code.

We will support you with preliminary surveys and suggestions such as "modification scope and scale", "linkage to peripheral tools and impact survey on output", and "functions that must be omitted".

Compiler development support: Development (Design/Implementation)

Support for new language standards

If you want to upgrade the language standard supported by the compiler, such as C99 → C11, C++03 → C++17, you need to have a deep knowledge of the ISO language standard. Japan Novel is participating in the C++ working group of ISO, and has been providing "Compiler Qalification Service" for many years, thus we have plentiful members with abundant knowledge of C/C++ language standards.


For portions that are not directly related to the compilation function, such as changing the host supported by the tool, we will handle everything from impact investigation to implementation, such as restrictions on the target kernel.

Add value: Analysis function

It is also possible to add functions tailored to the end user by using the internal data during compilation, such as generating intermediate data that is input to the static analysis tool, outputting coverage measurement data, and formatting the code.

Add value: Unit test generation function

Please contact us not only for general unit test template generation, but also for customization such as embedding test conditions and expected values at the time of generation according to the test parameters prepared by the user.

Peripheral tool development

We support not only the development of compilers but also the development of related tools such as assemblers and simulators.

Compiler development support: Verification

Test analysis

By engaging in compiler development from the design/implementation stage, we will work with you to build test viewpoints, validity of methods, and combinations of test patterns that do not become excessive.

Unit/Integration test

White-box tests created from materials and knowledge at the time of design and implementation, and abundant black-box tests that operate language standards and general C/C++ language algorithms are possible. We have extensive experience in generating C/C++ code for testing.

Japan Novel has been providing "Compiler Qualification Service" since 1995.

Stress test

We perform inspections that place a heavy load on the compiler, such as translation limits in the language and the amount of files and the number of codes.

Test automation

It is also possible to automate the test process using tools such as Jenkins, build a regression test environment, and if necessary, automate the operation of Windows and the hardware itself.

For more information on automation of operations, please also refer to Japan Novel's test automation tools.

Compiler development support: End-user verification

Language standard/Quality verification

Japan Novel's "Compiler Qualification Service" can provide quality verification of the compiler according to the conditions and usage of the end user at low cost.

Functional safety support for tools

We will verify the quality of the target compiler and provide it as a tool certification support report as a basis for showing "Quality validity of system development tools", which is required to comply with functional safety standards (ISO 26262, etc.).

The user can submit this report to a certification body as an evidence that the compiler tools used for system development have a certain quality validity.

It has been adopted by multiple customers as an evidence of the quality of compiler tools.

Achievements of compiler development support

Development of compilers and static analysis tools such as EDG *, GCC, clang

  • Modification to support new language standards
  • Addition of intermediate language output function for coverage measurement
  • Unit test generation function
  • Porting work due to platform change

EDG is a product of Edison Design Group, provided in the form of source code, and is a front end for lexical analysis, preprocessor, parsing, and semantic analysis for compilers such as C, C++, and Java.

Development support for compiler peripheral tools

  • Development support for assemblers and simulators, and their quality verification

Verification of compiler language standard and quality

  • Third-party verification of language standards and quality validity of compilers from semiconductor vendor
  • Verification of unique functions (SIMD arithmetic, Fixed/Floating point library, etc.) of compilers from semiconductor vendor
  • Third-party verification of quality validity of compiler for parallel computing development
  • Evidence for acceptance inspection at end users
  • Quality validation of development tools to get ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 certification

Working conditions and development environment

Work equipment/Software license

We can prepare general equipment such as development PCs and Visual Studio. Customers are requested to prepare special tool licenses such as EDG.

Work place/Security conditions

If necessary, you can prepare a security area for work. Please contact us regarding required security conditions.

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Japan Novel has been providing Compiler Qualification Services since 1995. We are familiar with ANSI/ISO standards and are also familiar with functional safety (ISO 26262).

By supporting compiler development from the perspective of standards and evaluation, we believe that we can contribute to quality improvement for our customers.

If you have any problems with compiler development and evaluation, please feel free to contact Japan Novel Corporation.