ISO26262 (Safty qualification) authorization support service
- ISO26262 tool authorization support -

Software tool verification and certification support report creation service at a level expected for TCL2 ~ 3

This service verifies software tools such as compilers that are TCL2 to 3 in system development that is classified as ASIL C or higher in ISO26262. We will create a tool certification support report that includes not only the verification results but also documents to show the validity of the verification and data such as workarounds for defects.

Service coverage

ASIL chart

TCL (Tool Confidence Level)

Verification of software tools that will be TCL2 to 3 in system development classified as ASIL C or higher.

Service contents

We support software tool certification work for applicable software required by ISO 26262: 2011.

[1] Verification of applicable software

Comprehensive software testing can be a huge amount of combinatorial testing. By creating effective and efficient test cases that assume operation from functional specifications, manuals, and use cases, we will provide verification data that is convincing to certification bodies, even if it is not a huge combination test, and workarounds. In addition, by narrowing down the test cases, quality verification can be performed in a short period of time, and it is possible to reduce the cost related to software verification.

Verification of applicable software
Test design policy Compliance with ISO 26262: 2011 requirements
Test design
  • Document scrutiny
  • Tool behavior survey , Hearing about actual usage
  • Use case creation of tool use
  • Utilization of test techniques accumulated in our company
  • Test scenario considering maintainability
Test execution
  • Implement efficient tests in a short period of time
  • Technology, experience, and know-how cultivated through third-party verification
Creation of verification data
Derivation of workaround
When a defect is detected, we analyze the importance and range of influence, share information, and consider and derive workarounds.

[2] Creation of software tool certification support report

We will prepare an English report including the following contents required by ISO 26262: 2011.

  • Verification environment (11.4.4)
  • Explanation of validity of verification (11.4.5)
  • Verification data (11.4.9 a)
  • Creating workarounds for defects (11.4.9 b)

The numbers in parentheses are the chapter numbers required by ISO 26262: 2011.

[3] Responding to inquiries from certification bodies

We will reflect the points pointed out in the tool certification support report.

Flow to certification

Flow to certification

Test environment / test materials

  • If the customer specifies a work place, please secure the work place and work equipment in advance.
  • Please provide materials such as necessary tools, licenses and documents required for verification work.

Special note

  • In the tool certification support service, we will conduct investigation and verification work within the range based on the materials provided.
  • We may ask tool vendors to cooperate with our research work.
  • If there is an additional request from the certification body, we will consult with you separately.
  • There may be a case that it cannot be possible to provide a workaround for the defect.

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