Automated testing of embedded software

Quality Commander is a system that automates the testing of embedded software such as automotive navigation system, head unit, tablet. The system can fully automate the test execution that had been performed manually by hand in the past with robust operation by robot and accurate image judgment using camera.

Fast and accurate operation

The biggest feature of automatic testing by robot is high productivity. Robots can be operated for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any rest. Moreover, the speed of operation is faster than that of people and there is no operation mistake at all. Especially in the stability test which usually require a huge number of execution times and the composite function test with many test items, very high productivity is expected.


Easier to test

Defect reproduction

Test execution results are saved in the database and you can easily reproduce the problem when it ocurred. You can check the screen image captured at the time of test execution as well as the sound by playing it.

Robot control with mouse operation

If you click the mouse on the PC screen at the position you want to press at the target device, the robot will press the same position on the actual device. In addition to pushing buttons, advanced operations such as touch screen operation, grabbing and rotating the objects can be done easily.

The robot automatically operates the touch screen

Search and press the icon

The robot can recognize the position and can press the icon of which displayed position on the touch screen is not fixed.

Multi-touch operation such as open-close, rotation

The system can perform multi-touch operation of the touch screen by open-close type robot arm. You can pinch-in, pinch-out and rotate.

6-axis robot for automated complex operation

Dial rotation

The test scenario can be made to automate the action of grasping and turning the dial such as volume.

CD insertion/ejection Optional

A 6-axis robot can automatically insert and eject CD. In this way, you can insert and remove CD automatically in accordance with the test of the target equipment.

Various image judgment

Still image judgment

For the still image, judgment is performed by comparing the expected image prepared in advance with the actually captured image displayed on the screen when testing. You can specify which part of the image to judge. You can also distinguish fairly small differences in small characters such as between “,” and “.”.

Search judgment

The search judgment judges whether there is an expected image or not in the specified display area on the screen. Since it can be performed at any position on the screen, it is suitable for judging icons or menus of which the display position changes.

Cooperative test for simulator and external equipment Optional

Automatic operation of simulator

Usually simulator equipment is very high performance and has many functions. However, the operation method is also diversified accordingly, and the burden on the person in charge for the test becomes very large, for example in the case where the test is performed while changing the parameter little by little.

By making scenario of complicated operation for such equipment, it is possible to reduce the burden on the person in charge for the test and furthermore to carry out a safe and reliable test by preventing erroneous operation, voltage or current setting mistake etc., which could be ocurred by manual operation.

Test environment including CANoe is automated with cooperative operation

The system can perform cooperative test with CAN simulator which is widely used for development and verification of in-vehicle equipment with CAN interface. By directly controlling the CAN simulator from Quality Commander, fully automated test for the automotive navigation system and the simulator is realized as an integrated test.

We have a track record of cooperative operation with CAN simulator of "CANoe" from Vector Informatik GmbH.

More safety with cooperative test with programmable power supply

It is also possible to make a scenario to control power supply to automotive navigation system or head unit. It will show great effect in automating power supply variation test.

Technical Details

6 axis robot DX
(Vertical articulated robot)

  • Robot teaching is not necessary with positioning by twin cameras for the target device
  • Uneven surface can be pressed with 3 dimensional positioning
  • Rotary knob can be operated
  • Operation and screen judgment for two devices
Target equipment for evaluation
  • Automotive navigation unit
  • Head unit
  • Complex device requiring three-dimensional operation
  • Landscape touch screen products etc.
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
External dimensions W1400 × H1510 × D860 (mm)
Weight approx. 340 kg
Standard equipped camera Color CMOS camera × 4
Resolution: 2592 × 1944
Frame rate: 14 fps
Power requirements 1320 VA
Input voltage AC 100 V (50/60 Hz), Single-phase AC 200-230 V (50/60 Hz)
Operational specification Overall arm length: 420 mm
The size of the maximum cuboid that can fit within the movable range of arm:
Automotive navigation side: 580 × 570 × 170 (mm)
Smartphone side: 10 inch
  • Fixed installation type (with casters)

Target Equipment

Automatic testing for various equipment

Japan Novel promotes test automation for not only in-vehicle equipment but various equipment such as smartphone and digital camera.

Frequently asked questions

It seems hard to create a test scenario?

Instead of using the keyboard, commands of the test scenario are created by clicking the button on the pseudo operation panel of Quality Commander. The point of this feature is that you can create a test scenario with the same feeling as operating an actual device.

Also, because the scenario grammar is simple, even those who do not have programming experience can create it easily. Controls of scenario such as repetition, branching, and waiting can also be created by clicking the mouse.

How long can you continuously run the testing?

It is possible to keep running for more than two weeks without interruption.

Can the image judgment identify the difference in color?

You can judge the difference in color by adjusting the judgment parameter.

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