February 21, 2014

Japan Novel Corporation

IOT Testing Service (Domestic/Overseas) and Regulations Compliance (Domestic/Overseas) Verification Service
- Comprehensive Agreement with UL Japan

Japan Novel has concluded a comprehensive agreement with UL Japan for an IOT Testing Service (Domestic/Overseas) and a Regulations Compliance (Domestic/Overseas) Verification Service. Thus, in addition to our existing services we can offer further services such as domestic carrier IOT and certification services for GCF, TELEC, JATE, FCC/IC, etc.

We provide the following one-stop services for vendors who provide smart phones, tablets, modules, chipsets or M2M devices to domestic operators, allowing them to develop products flexibly and according to their own schedules.

  • Carrier IOT
  • Various certifications
  • Catalog value measurement

UL Japan

UL Japan was established in 2003 as a Japanese corporation of UL, a worldwide safety consulting and certification company. Currently, it leverages UL’s global network, providing evaluation services for compliance to various certification marks such as UL mark in North America, S-mark in Japan (Safety/EMC Certification based on the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law) as well as certification marks required for products in Europe and China). For details, see www.UL.com/jp.

For IOT and tests related to the Radio Act, the EMC Testing Facility (headquarters in Ise city) and EMC Testing Facility (Shonan) perform the testing.


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Mobile Terminal Evaluation/Verification Service