Latest News

Event 2017/03/03

Japan Novel will exhibit the automatic testing system “Quality Commander 7” at the “Japan Pavilion” of the world's largest class IT expo CeBIT 2017 which will be held in Hannover, Germany, from March 20 (Mon).

Event 2017/02/17

Japan Novel supports as Silver Sponsor for ICST2017 to be held from Monday, March 13.

Event 2016/06/17

QCWing is exhibited at the booth of MAC SYSTEMS CORPORATION in AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPOSITION 2016 NAGOYA from June-29 (Wed) .

News 2016/06/13

Japan Novel won the “Special Project Award” at the intra-mart AWARD 2016.

Event 2016/06/10

Japan Novel is exhibiting “IoT Starter kit” at the booth of Hitachi Systems, Ltd. in 27th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS) from June-22 (Wed).

Event 2016/06/03

Japan Novel is exhibiting iDCNavi and UnitPORTER.Navi at the booth of DENSO CO. LTD in Interop Tokyo 2016 which is being held from 2016-June-8 (Wed).

Release 2016/06/02

Japan Novel is releasing the latest version of automated embedded software testing system, “Quality Commander 7” on July 1st, which can be used to automate the software testing for embedded systems such as car navigation systems or smart phones.

Event 2016/04/22

Attending to 5TH IoT/M2M EXPO Spring held from May-11 (Wed).

Event 2016/04/22

Japan Novel is participating in 8th DATA CENTER EXPO Spring which will be held from May-11 (Wed).

Event 2016/03/07

Japan Novel is attending to Japan Symposium on Software testing in Tokyo 2016 which will be held on Mar-8 (Tue) with QCWing for Android, etc.