Attending to IoT/M2M EXPO

Japan Novel is attending to 5TH IoT/M2M EXPO Spring

Come visit for new inspiration

2016 Japan IT Week, the largest IT-related exhibition in Japan, is coming and Japan Novel is exhibiting again on this year. This time, we will be showing our main products, which have well-established reputation in the industry, by dividing into three themes which are "Quality improvement for in-vehicle equipment", "Inspiration realization of IoT" and "IoT/M2M communication protocols". Additionally Quality Commander 7, which has been redesigned with a new hardware, will be introduced. At the presentation corner, since it is the era of horizontal specialization, we will be giving a wide range of information including of which provided by the customers on the theme of "NOW" about "IoT & M2M".

We really hope your visit to the show in order that you get something useful for your business. We also hope that you get an "Inspiration" to improve your business through our exhibition or presentation. We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth.

Exhibition Overview

Exhibition Title
2016 Japan IT Week Spring - 5TH IoT/M2M EXPO
May 11 (Wed) - 13 (Fri), 2016 10:00~18:00
  (Last day until 17:00)
Tokyo Big Sight
Booth Position

West Exhibition Hall, West 3-27

Also attending to DATA CENTER EXPO at East Exhibition Hall

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Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
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Presentation Stage

Presentation stage timetable is coming soon

Exhibited Products& Services

Test automation for in-vehicle equipment, iOS terminals, etc.
- Quality Commander

First exhibit of the latest version Quality Commander 7!

Quality Commander 7 is a system that performs automatic test for embedded units such as in-vehicle equipment, smart phone or touch panel equipment of which test has been traditionally done by human hand operation. It will prevent the leakage from test items which will contribute to the quality improvement.

Automated software testing system for embedded systems - Quality Commander

Test automation for Windows 10 - QCWing

Application test or screen image check is also automated

PC operation and capture and comparison judgment of the PC screen are easily automated. Since this comparison is based on actually displayed screen image, not based on software data, it can also automate such as GUI testing which has traditionally been performed by the naked eye.

Automated testing tool - QCWing

Test automation for Android application - QC for Android

Android application is automatically tested easily

Android application automated testing tools -"QCWing for Android" which does not require robot added new features for more convenient use. The latest version of the software is demonstrated at the show.

Android application automated testing tool - QC for Android

IoT Starter Kit

The first step to IoT
Easy collection of data at the site!

The IoT Starter Kit is a product by which you can easily establish the IoT data analysis environment at your site by simply installing the sensor and the measurement kit to the location where you want to collect the data. Type of sensors or power supply can be selected based on the situation or needs at your site. Since it is very simple and easy for the installation and setting up and to start collecting the data at your site, it can be a stepping stone for your full-fledged IoT introduction.

IoT Starter Kit

Manufacturing management system - Factory Conductor

Speed up the visualization with automatic data collection

Factory Conductor is a service to propose and construct the system which manages progress in the assembly process, quality data and history information for the manufacturing factory. Once the system is realized utilizing this service, you can manage and browse the data collected and analyzed in the system by product or by facility among everyone involved directly or remotely.

Manufacturing management system development service

M2M solution by Beacon

Easily grasp the changes at the site with Beacon and sensor

The solution offers the system to notify the person in charge through the Beacon by which the change at the site is sensed by the sensor. The sensor can be selected based on the required data at the site in order to collect an appropriate data.

Utilization of intra-mart for IoT/M2M

How to take advantage of the performance data collected through IoT/M2M is introduced. The intra-mart is used for the visualization and sharing of information.

Wi-SUN promotion

Japan Novel is promoting participation in the WSN Council and activities such as WSN-ATEC launch against Wi-SUN which is getting an attention as an international wireless communication standard for IoT originated from Japan. In addition, we are providing variety of services in regard with Wi-SUN technology such as proposal, construction, development, verification and evaluation in a real environment.

Mobile terminal evaluation& verification service

Full support for Carrier IOT

Japan Novel provides the third-party verification service for such products as mobile phones, smart phones, car navigation systems and software applications. We can offer totally supported evaluation and verification service by utilizing our know-how in the field of Carrier IOT, regression test, usability test, automated test using a robot, etc.

Mobile terminal evaluation& verification service

Domestic IOT Test - One stop service

Japan Novel provides a variety of services such as domestic carrier IOT, GCF, TELEC, JATE, FCC/IC certification test. In particular, we can offer one-stop service which provides a carrier IOT, various types of certification test, catalog value measurement for a vendor who wants to market communication equipments in Japan such as smart phones, tablets, communication modules, chip sets and M2M equipments.

Services are provided for domestic carrier IOT, GCF, TELEC, JATE, FCC/IC certification test (2014/2/21)

Functional safety qualification support service - ISO26262 tool qualification support

Verification and qualification report creation service for software tools in TCL3 category

Japan Novel provides support service to create the tool qualification report and verification services for development tools. Our service offers total support from test design, building verification environment to test execution which can verify the quality level of your development tools.

Functional safety qualification support service - ISO26262 tool qualification support

C/C++ compiler qualification service

Validity verification for compiler tools

Having an excellent reputation in the world for the largest scale of the test suite, Japan Novel's compiler qualification service will ensure the quality of the compiler tools that are utilized in a variety of embedded products in such fields as automotive, plant, medical care, and aerospace.

Third-party verification - compiler qualification service

Automated third-party verification service

Supported by an experienced SE who has design ability
Introduction and operation of test automation is also supported

Making full use of test automation tools, Japan Novel will provide an efficient and high-quality testing service. We offer not only the test results but proposals for the efficiency of the entire verification process utilizing test automation.

Automated third-party verification service