Application Test – Vendor Test

Japan Novel Corporation provides a third-party verification service for mobile communication applications used for cell phones, smart phones, Android phones, communication modules, etc. For the application test, we check the operations of pre-installed applications or proprietary applications.

Track record

Japan Novel – Application Test: Track Record
Devices evaluated
  • Android terminals
  • Cell phone terminals (Feature phones)
  • USB dongles
  • Mobile routers
  • Communication modules
Carrier docomo, au, SoftBank, Y!mobile (formerly WILLCOM)
Terminal function NFC, FeliCa, GPS, 1 Seg TV, HDMI, Voice search
  • Application unit test
  • Test for conflict with other applications
  • Iteration test for low recall ratio
  • Stress test under real network environment

Application test – Test flow

Test analysis
  • Reviews the devices to be tested.
  • Develops the test policies.
Test plan
  • Establishes the test schedule.
Test design
  • Develops the test specifications.
  • Determines whether the test can be automated.
Test –
Develops the test scenario.
  • Develops the automating scenario (Quality Commander).
Executes the test.
  • Manual test/Automatic test
  • Pass/Fail – Determination
  • Defect report
  • Scenario correction
  • Prepares and submits the final report.

Related technologies

Test automation system – Proprietarily developed

Quality Commander, developed by Japan Novel, is an automatic test system for embedded devices. Quality Commander has an automatic robotic operation function and an automatic evaluation function for LCD screenshots taken by a camera, in order to test a device in a final release stage for the market.

The robot can automatically operate the touch panel (e.g., flicking, double-tapping, multi-touching, etc.). The evaluation function automatically checks the pop-up menus and scroll menus (their positions are not fixed). The test automation system also performs integration testing with the external devices and software through various I/F.

Embedded Software test automation system: Quality Commander

Test automation solution using Quality Commander


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