Third Party Verification
Compiler Qualification Service

What is compiler qualification?

The compiler qualification service is a service that evaluates the quality of the compiler on your behalf using the world's largest test suite. It can be used for pre-release inspection and acceptance inspection of the compiler.

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Detect defects early and prevent problems

We will perform the test and report the problem in about 2 weeks.

Compare with the cost of in-house testing

After analysis, we provide pinpoint source code that replicates defects.

World's largest scale test program

Evaluation is performed using 500,000 plus test programs including C, C ++, and DSP-C.

World's largest scale test program

The compiler is a very sophisticated software. Therefore, compiler testing requires test cases that cover a huge number of combinations, which is the number of astronomical combinations. We strive to expand the number of test cases every day, and our compiler test system developed as a result boasts the world's largest scale as a compiler evaluation system.

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