Third Party Verification
Compiler Qualification Service

What is compiler qualification?

The compiler qualification service is a service that evaluates the quality of the compiler on your behalf using the world's largest test suite. It can be used for pre-release inspection and acceptance inspection of the compiler.

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Detect defects early and prevent problems

We will perform the test and report the problem in about 2 weeks.

Compare with the cost of in-house testing

After analysis, we provide pinpoint source code that replicates defects.

World's largest scale test program

Evaluation is performed using 500,000 plus test programs including C, C ++, and DSP-C.

World's largest scale test program

The compiler is a very sophisticated software. Therefore, compiler testing requires test cases that cover a huge number of combinations, which is the number of astronomical combinations.

We strive to expand our testing program every day, and the resulting compiler quality verification test suite is the largest in the world.

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