Service contents

What is compiler qualification?

The compiler qualification service uses an expert engineer who is familiar with compiler defect analysis, a high-speed test environment, and the world's largest scale compiler test system to analyze compiler defects on behalf of customers and to provide the pinpoint source code that can replicate the defects.

Total support from test environment setting to analysis

1. Setting
We will introduce the requested compiler and its execution environment into our evaluation environment.
2. Evaluation
We compile and execute our world's largest scale test program and record the operation results.
3. Analysis
The result is analyzed, and if a defect is detected, a defect verification program is created.
4. Reporting
When a defect is detected, we will notify you with the defect verification program on a timely mammer. After the verification is completed, we will report you with the system test report including the defect verification program.

System test report

You can download sample of the system test report.

System test report sample : PDF file (45KB)

Items to be prepared by the customer

  • Compiler execution environment
  • Batch/script file that describes the procedure from compilation to execution

Who to use the compiler qualification service

Embedded system developer
  • Understanding compiler defects before starting development
  • Compiler performance inspection
Development environment provider
  • Final inspection of the compiler
  • Acceptance inspection of third-party products
  • Degrade inspection at the time of version upgrade