Compiler tool certification under ISO26262

We can help you certifiy compiler tools for product development

There is a need to confirm the safety of highly important development tools for functional safety certification of products. However, there are a number of difficulties, such as choosing and dealing with recommended methods, and how to provide validity for the confirmation.

Japan Novel uses its own compiler evaluation service to create reports that show the validity of compiler tools. This report can be published to certification companies and customers as a material for functional safety certification.

These troubles are supported by Japan Novel

What kind of reports should I create?

How can I get recognition from certification company or customer?

We create reports that can be presented to certification companies and customers

How do I test the compiler?

How far should I do?

We will evaluate in detail with our proven compiler evaluation service.

  • Language standards-based testing
  • Robustness evaluation testing
  • etc.

ISO 26262 Summary

ISO 26262 is a safety standard for the automotive industry created as a derivative from IEC61508 Functional Safety standard.

Functional Safety Srandard IEC 61508

On ISO 26262, the developer is required to make a hazard analysis and a risk assessment and to classify in ASIL(Automotive Safety Integrity Level) of the considered function.

ASIL chart

* D represents the most stringent Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) and A represents the least.

At the same time, the developer is also required to set TCL (Tool Confidence Level).

TCL is determined with TI(Tool Impact) which is a measure of the possibility of the development system failure based on the cause of the tool problem and TD(Tool error Detection) which is a measure of the possibility of tool's problem detection and making a workaround.

TCL (Tool Confidence Level)

Above figure describes the TCL level for the software tool. The software tool of TCL2 or 3 is required to be qualified for the safety according to the corresponding ASIL of the software to be developed using this tool.

Qualification method for TCL3

Tool Qualification Flow

Tool Qualification Flow

Who Needs the Qualification ?

In the spirit of asking a rational explanation to the users of the specific software tool among many other tools, ISO 26262 defines that the users who use the tools to develop the considered software, and not the tool developers, are required to qualify themselves the quality and the safety of the tools.

Qualification Method

ISO 26262 defines that the tool qualification method should be made up based on the corresponding ASIL and TCL with an appropriate combination of the following 4 methods.

1a. Increased confidence from use
1b. Evaluation of the development process
1c. Validation of the software tool
1d. Development in compliance with a safety standard

At a software development requiring higher degree of safety which correspond with ASIL-C or D, the method of 1c. (Validation of the software tool) or 1d. (Development in compliance with a safety standard) is highly recommended for TCL 3 software tool which has higher effect to the considered software.

However, since a safety standard which can be applied to the development of a software tool does not exist yet, the tool users are requested to qualify it themselves.

ISO 26262 Tool Qualification Support Service

Compiler is almost always used at the development of embedded systems.

If that compiler has a problem, the execution module as a compilation output has a possibility of making a hazard to the target system.

Since it is extremely difficult to verify the compiler in a systematical way when it is made, TCL for the compiler tool should be assigned as 3 for the problem is usually detected at the testing stage.

Because of that, we think that the compiler for the development of the software with high ASIL level should take 1c. (Validation of the software tool) as a qualification method.

However, the compiler tools as its nature having a variety of functions with high complexity, it is very difficult to qualify the compiler by the user.

  • Exhaustive test against the language standard
  • Test for tool robustness
  • Proof of the validity of the test contents
  • Identification of an area of the problem and provision of the workaround

Japan Novel has been providing the third party compiler qualification services more than 15 years including the quality assessment for IEC61508.

In 2012, along with the official release of ISO 26262, Japan Novel has started the "ISO 26262 Tool Qualification Support Service".

On behalf of the tool user, our service basically provides the Tool Qualification Report in which it includes not only the complete test report but the document(list of test items against the language standard or coding guidelines for the test suites, etc.) which is required by ISO 26262 and describes the validity of our tests as well as the data of validity of the problem.

Tool Qualification Report

What is Compiler Qualification Service ?

Japan Novel's compiler qualification service performs an extensive test to check the compiler quality and provides a comprehensive report of the test results.

Our test service uses the test programs (ANSI-C 310,000, ANSI-C++ 140,000) which is one of the largest in the world. We have a certain track record of qualifications from many compiler vendors.

If you need a help for the quality qualification of the tools in your development environment, call us for the services.

Compiler Qualification Service

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